I'm installing SuSE 9.2 on a system here. The installation goes fine.
after reboot, I can start X just fine. I can also use CygwinX from my
Windows machine and connect using xwin. Everything is great!!

Then we take that same hard disk, move it to a new machine (because we use
a separate machine for Linux installation), but when we boot that machine,
though Xwindows itself starts fine, when we try to run any other
application, or connect from CygwinX, we get the dreaded "cannot connect to
XServer" failure.

I looked at the environment, and the DISPLAY environment variable is not
present. If I manually define this variable, I can run applications
locally, but I still cannot log in remotely via CygwinX (because it is
using a different display number...).

Why is the DISPLAY variable disappearing when we move the drive?? And why
is DISPLAY not defined if Xwindows is in fact running?? Can anyone help me
with this??

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