I have a not too recent computer (850MHz AMD Duron with a 64KB Cache &
256 RAM) which I use to watch movies in the *avi format. With many
movies, the video signal regularly "hangs" for about half a second and
then "catches up" with the sound channel (which runs without any
glitches). I tried re-nicing both the video app (Xine) and X but that
did not help. I know that my video card is not too great (ATI Mach64
Rage XL AGP 2X running Xfree86 4.3).

Is there anything I can do to lower the workload on the video card
either by doing something with Xine or by allocating more ressources to

Anything else I can do to eliminate this problem?

(I simply do not have the means to purchase a better video card)