Hello folks,

I have a pretty fresh installation of FC3. When I use the Soundcard detection
menu option in FC3 - the card is detected and the sample sound plays fine.
MIDI files play fine.

When I use the command line utility 'play' - the sounds come out very garbled
and over amplified.

What's odd, is the exact same sound file played on a second system here, with
the same version of FC3 works perfectly. Both systems have the same sound

The card is seen in hwconf identically on both machines:

class: AUDIO
bus: PCI
detached: 0
driver: snd-cmipci
desc: "C-Media Electronics Inc CM8738"
vendorId: 13f6
deviceId: 0111
subVendorId: 1043
subDeviceId: 80e2
pciType: 1
pcidom: 0
pcibus: 0
pcidev: 5
pcifn: 0

Now... here's something that I think may be related.

If I pull up volume control, the box that works has more columns to adjust.

The working system has Line, Line-In As Bass, Line-In as Read, MicAsCenter/LFE.

The non-working system does not have the Line-In As Bass or the MicAsCenter.

We both use an identical 2-speakers + subwoofer (center).

I have tried deleting the entry in hwconf and reconfiguring at boot up. This
does not help.

Any suggestions?


It's 3:30, why aren't you at work?
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