I'm running Debian Sarge - pretty much plain vanilla except for a
2.6.10-k7 kernel. I'm using the Gnome 2.8 desktop because it seems to be
more stable than KDE 3.3.

I'm getting a weird problem with k3b. I can burn a single DVD without
problems and I can burn multiple CDs OK too. However, if I try to burn a
second DVD without rebooting in between, the burn fails right at the
start with a message:
:-( unable to PREVENT MEDIA REMOVAL: Operation not permitted

To reiterate, this is only happening with DVDs, not CDs, and it does not
occur on the first DVD I burn following booting.

The problem affects all DVDs, whether I try to burn an image file or
create a DVD project and burn it. Shutting down k3b and restarting it
doesn't help. I've upgraded to the version of k3b in unstable and I'm
still getting the same problem.

Does anyone have any workarounds or fixes other than rebooting?