Is there a way to have KDE v3.3.2 automatically mount USB Flash
drives/sticks (SanDisk Cruzer 256 MB, PNY 512 MB, etc.)? I have to do it
as root (su) and in command prompt with mount -t vfat /dev/sda1
/mnt/. I was hoping KDE would be like Windows and MacOS X in
automatically mounting and ready to read and write files.

Also, how do I make the USB Flash drives/sticks writeable without being
root? I cannot seem to set this. And does unmounting /mnt/
from command line (doing it via KDE won't work due to limited access --
not root) take a long time to complete? It seems to take a minute for my

I am using Debian r3.1 (Kernel v2.6.10-K7) with all latest updates (I
hope) from apt-get commands.

I am still new to Linux world. Thank you in advance.
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