I am working with a host / target machine setup. The cpu arch is the
same on both, x86_64 (athlon64), the only real difference is size, ie.
my host has a 80GB HD, my targets have 1GB compact flash disks (need
this for mechanical vibration reasons). I have CentOS 3.4-x86_64 fully
installed on my host, and my target machines have the same OS just with
a much smaller package list.

I am trying to get GCC 3.4.3 compiled into a relatively small footprint
(< 200 Mb), so I can use it on my targets. I only want c, c++ and java
installed. I downloaded the gcc-core .tar and ran the make and make
install on that and successfully installed it on my target machine,
taking up approximately 40MB. When I build the core along with c++ and
java, my libraries such as libgcj.a come out to be over 100MB! Compared
to a 20MB libgcj on my Fedora 3 machines.

I've tried compiling with different explicit options such as:
--enable-shared, --disable-static, --with-arch=athlon64, and a whole
bunch of others. Nothing I've tried gets the size of the libgcj.a file
down, nor the other big libraries. Any help or insight would be greatly
appreciatied. Thanks.

Daniel A. Kent
Graduate Research Assistant
Center for Intelligent Machines and Robotics (CIMAR)
University of Florida