I'm running Fedora Core 3.
I would like to know if it's possible to edit the refresh rate that is being
The only option I have available is 76 Hz.
My NEC Multisync LCD1920NX display likes 60 Hz much better.

Currently, every time I boot Fedora the screen goes way off center and
generally everything is unreadable.
This is during the boot screens before the desktop. Usually when the desktop
comes up then I can again read the screen.
I have to hit the AutoSync button on the lcd display to get everything back
to normal during every boot so I can read the boot messages to watch for

I have tried running krandrtray and the only refresh rate available is 76 Hz
but I can still select different screen resolutions.

I also edited my xorg.conf file to only allow 50 - 60 Hz but that did not
I'm running KDE but I don't think that is the cause as it is happening
before the KDE desktop is up.
This is also a brand new clean install of Fedora 3 and then patched up to
the latest updates.

My board is an Intel D865 series and Fedora says it's using the "i810"
driver for the built on video.
I kind of suspect this area is causing the problem but I'm not clear on
where to look to try and edit settings.

I can also plug this monitor into another Fedora 3 box with an SIS 630 video
and it works fine and I can select different refresh rates if desired.

Does anyone know why my only refresh rate is stuck at 76 Hz on this Intel
865 board??

Thanks Everyone!