I have Windows XP and I am trying to install Fedora Core 3 to dual
boot with it.

When I boot off the Fedora DVD the setup comes up with a message that
says something like "The partition table on device sda was unreadable
.... Press YES to initialize and wipe out all your data." It does that
same thing for my 2nd hard drive. When I press NO for both, setup
cleans up and restarts my PC.

My partitions are as follows:
Part.1 - 50GB - NTFS - Active (Windows XP)
Part.2 - 50GB - Unallocated space (for Fedora Core 3)
Part.3 - 60GB - NTFS (just files here)
Part.1 - 120GB - NTFS (just files here)

Please help to fix this problem, is at all possible WITHOUT killing my
currents partitions.

Thanks a lot.