I can only get access to a USB external Maxtor disk drive as ROOT -- I
need this to be accessible to USERS. It's a 300GB Maxtor USB drive.

Hotplugging seems to cause some problems anyway so is there a boot
option on turning this off --I did see a thread somewhere but I've lost
the link.

Eventually the device is located as a scsi disk (SDA, SDA1,SDA5 --
physical disk SDA, SDA1 extended partition SDA5 mountable RO windows
NTFS partition)

However the fstab entries are processed BEFORE USB is activated so boot
gives message /dev/SDA5 not a block device.

If after boot I try and mount manually (mkdir /mnt/usbdisk
mount -t ntfs -o ro /dev/sda5 /mnt/usbdisk) I can only access the disk
as ROOT and even as root I can't change permissions to allow USER

I need 3 things I think but can't find any info.

1) Disabling hotplugging so I can use the old way of mounting external

2) USB scan to start BEFORE fstab entries are processed so I avoid
messages like /dev/sda5 is not a block device --once the SCSI emulation
has picked it up it's fine but the USB scan needs to have started

3) how to set the access so USERS can read the disk. I also saw
somewhere that setting UMASK might work -- but how do you do this
manually -- It won't work in fstab as the USB device hasn't actually
been detected at this point --as per 2) above.

Thisi is a problem I've had on SUSE 9.1, Fedora and Mandrake community
so it seems to do with Hotplug and USB.

Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone.