I've got a problem with a Windows application that I'm trying to get
working under CrossOver Office 2.0.1 running under SuSE 8.2. The program
is Final Draft 6.0 (FD6), a screenwriting word processor.

The software seems to install fine. When I run it, the splash screen
appears, the software seems to still be loading, and then nothing.

By default, FD6 looks for the presence of its own distribution CD as an
anti-piracy measure. It looks as though, for some reason, running under
CX-Office, it's failing to find the CD.

I've googled for this, asked on the CrossOver mailing list and IRC
channel, queried tech support for CX-Office and Final Draft - but
nothing yet. There were some instructions in the CX-Office FAQ about a
specific way to mount the CD-Rom drive (for Photoshop 7) but that didn't

I'd appreciate any thoughts from people who may have experienced similar
problems with other packages or who know more about how Linux (and/or
CX-Office) handles reading from CDs.