I recently find myself lacking space on the linux partition so I decided to
resize the windows xp partition to give 3 gbs more to linux (Suse 9.1 pro
if you care).

The primary hdd gemoetry is something like:

Windows : Linux : Linux swap

The operation went smooth with partition magic 8.0 but the problem is that
grub bootloader did not work anymore (the configuration was GRUB in the
MBR with /boot on the Linux partition): when I startup the computer I got
stuck with GRUB doing and displaying anything.
It displayed only "GRUB _" where the underscore is the cursor: no errors at

I figured out it was GRUB problem so decided to get to Grub configuration
files in some way but how? I had no linux working system anymore to access
the linux partition! But I was lucky (very luckey!) to have a fresh Knoppix
CD (3.6 if you care).

I started up knoppix and I was able to see that everything was ok with all
the partitions properly mounted so it had to be a GRUB problem! what a

what I did was to backup menu.lst on linux partition (I actually sent it my
email...) and then try to reconfigure GRUB.

reconfiguring GRUB was actually quite simple but as a precaution umount
every partition and in particular the linux partition.

from console you type:
su root
grub (it probably starts knoppix own GRUB since I had the partition )
root (hd0,1) (WARNING: hd0 is the first drive and 1 is the SECOND partition
so that depends on your hdd geometry)
setup (hd0,1) (with the same hd as root of course)

In fact GRUB detected the old stage1 stage2 (GRUB boot image I think) and
rebuilt them.
I checked menu.lst and I don't know if GRUB touched it but what I know is
that the menu is the same as I remember! I should point out that my GRUB
configuration was a SUSE generated configuration with Yast2 so maybe you'll
have to arrange something to your menu.lst...

then you logoff and your system should restart smoothly!

Hope this advice helps people having trouble with partition magic and linux

ps just sharing my newbie experience!