I've got 3 OS's on one machine - Windows XP, SuSE 9.1, and Gentoo
2004.2. I've been running the first two for awhile but this is my first
experience with Gentoo.

The issue is this: Upon booting up, the Gentoo console display is
shifted slightly to the left (by about 1/2 inch) of the SuSE console and
the SuSE X display. Once Gentoo is up and running, however, the X
display is properly centered within the monitor. (No surprise, I guess,
since XF86Config for SuSE and X.conf for Gentoo have essentially the
same monitor settings.)

If I press the adjust button on the physical monitor, I can get the
Gentoo console window to align properly - but this throws off the
alignment for X for both SuSE and Gentoo.

I've trolled the Web but can't find a good explanation of what the
console alignment depends upon and how I can influence it. Any help