Emachines M5312 Laptop
Fedora Core 2
Kernel 2.6.6-1.435.2.3.stk.16
BCM-94306 802.11g NIC module installed in the micro-PCI slot

Everything worked fine w/ ndiswrapper under FC1, but when I upgraded to
FC2 the wireless card is no longer detected.

ndiswrapper compiled and installed without any issues, but I still cannot

Did some research, and found the problem might involve the "4k Stack"
issue. Upgraded my kernel with the linuxant rpm's, still no luck.

dmesg returns:
ndiswrapper version 0.7 loaded

iwconfig returns:
lo no wireless extensions
sit0 no wireless extensions
eth0 no wireless extensions

Tried w/ the linuxant drivers, still no luck.(No wireless card present)

any ideas?

I've tried with other drivers, but nothing seems to work.

I just started over with a fresh install. Please help, I don't want to
drop back down to FC1.

Thanks, Roy

PS.... If any solutions require recompiling the kernel, please give me a
step-by-step, I'm still kind of a n00b when it comes to this.

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