> Paavo Heiskanen wrote:
> > Hello all,

> > I need some help cloning a hard drive. I'm a complete newbie with OS/2
> > so please bear with me.

> > The situation is as follows: I have a 170MB PCMCIA hard drive which
> > seems to have an OS/2 warp file system. I need to clone this drive to
> > a newer PCMCIA-Flash-drive before it breaks. Our company is naturally
> > Windows-only and they have been unable to clone the disk and so they
> > asked the "official Linux guy"

> > I have a Gentoo laptop with a PCMCIA slot at home, and also Win XP
> > machines with PCMCIA slots at the office. My original plan was to:

> > 1. Mount the drive with my Gentoo box,
> > 2. clone the disk with dd,
> > 3. mount the new flash drive,
> > 4. copy the contents to the new drive.

> > Now I started to hesitate and would like some advice on my approach.
> > Can I clone the disk this way?

On 6 elo, 09:41, Tero Kaarlela wrote:
> Hi,
> Should be possible that way. But skip the mounting part you dont have
> to mount partitions just:
> 1. Plug pcmcia drive in
> 2. dd if=/dev/sda of=file.img
> 3. unplug drive
> 4. plug flash drive in
> 5. dd if=file.img of=/dev/sdb
> Where sda is pcmcia and sdb is flash drive. And now you also have a
> backup of drive in file.img

I just brought my gentoo laptop to the office and plugged the flash-
pcmcia drive in. The following lines appeared to /var/log/messages:

Aug 7 07:51:36 localhost pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 0
Aug 7 07:51:36 localhost pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia0.0
Aug 7 07:51:36 localhost udevd-event[6117]: match_rule: MODALIAS is
deprecated, use ENV{MODALIAS} or SYSFS{modalias} instead.
Aug 7 07:51:36 localhost udevd-event[6117]: udev_rules_apply_format:
$modalias is deprecated, use $env{MODALIAS} or $sysfs{modalias}
Aug 7 07:51:56 localhost pccard: card ejected from slot 0

Also a device node (sd[a/b]) does not appear. I have previously used
the PCMCIA slot for a WLAN card. Any tips on how I can get the drive
to register? I have looked through the kernel options but haven't seen
anything useful there. I'm using yenta-socket as my PCMCIA driver.

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