Ordered a MSI-K8NGM2-FID board, with 64 bit Athlon 939 pin 3000+ CPU,
and the AMD fan, for $89.00 including shipping. Grabbed one 550 watt
PSU at $18.00 at the same time, with free ground shipping, too.

Fifth time to order from 3BTech web site. total of four PSUs and 5 Main
Boards. All arrived properly packaged and working! Emailed Invoice
provided tracking of UPS shipment.

This board has onboard SVGA, DVI, 7.1 sound, plus 1 Firewire 1394, 4 USB
2.0, and one 10/100 connector.

Have on hand the Sceptre XX9 Gamer LCD monitor, a PS2 keyboard, a USB
trackball, 2 DDR 256Mb and 2 DDR 128Mb PC 3200 memory sticks, an empty
tower, 120GB hard drive, and a DVDrw drive.

So, assembled it all, stuck in a Mepis 64 bit version 6.5 LiveCDrom, and

Problem #1. Hard drive not visible in BIOS Setup screen.
Answer. checked jumper, and removed it, placing it back to Factory
setting. That works for the BIOS!

Problem #2. System boots to stage 1, but has issues with nVidia 6150
chipset. Rebooted and hit F2 key, selected the menu item for nVidia.

Install including hard drive wipes and partitions, on automatic, took 9

Updates to the 25 programs listed in kSynaptic took 6 minutes, one click
of the mouse on the yellow open box icon in the tool bar.

Personalization, looking at the wonderful KDE wallpapers, trying out a
session in 3D, setting up the weather channel in the tool bar, making
the toolbar and panel pager my own, setting up Thunderbird, all took
almost 20 minutes.

This is a great entre' to 64bit computing, and is a half a day faster
than trying to set up, install, find and install drivers, for anything
Microsoft offers.

No wonder Linux is taking the world by storm! No more "114,000
Microsoft Malware Virus Definitions"!

Yes, there are a few sites that try to insist upon IE only, and I see
Yahoo is doing weird killoffs of anyone promoting Open Source solution
in their Yahoo Answers forums, but, the rest of the world is moving on,
and Open Source choices offer them the best freedoms.

Keep your eye on China, Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Rim nations. The
next billion computers on the web will be in those regions, running
Linux, through Linux servers, by 2015.

The Wow! begins with Linux!