I have a mainboard MSI 8609 on witch I'd like to adjust the CPU fan speed.
I have an ad hoc compiled kernel version, I loaded this modules:
i2c_dev, via686a, hwmon, i2c_isa, i2c_viapro, i2c_core; in the
file /etc/modprobe.d/alias there is a row like this:
alias char-major-89-* ic2_dev
With "sensors" I can see all parameters but pwmconfig says:
/usr/sbin/pwmconfig: There are no pwm-capable sensor modules installed
Under the /sys filesystem I could not find any file related with i2c; the
device /dev/i2c-0 exists but it seems it is not writable. Houever the
mainboard is pwm capable.
Can someone suggest a solution?
Thanks to all readers.