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This is a discussion on UEI DAQ - Hardware ; Hi, Has anyone used UEI's DAQ ( http://www.ueidaq.com/ ) ? Thanks Atma...

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  1. UEI DAQ

    Has anyone used UEI's DAQ (http://www.ueidaq.com/) ?

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    In article <463b9abf$0$492$b45e6eb0@senator-bedfellow.mit.edu>,
    atma kanojia writes:
    > Has anyone used UEI's DAQ (http://www.ueidaq.com/) ?

    I'm doing some consulting work for a professor at the University of
    Pennsylvania who's planning on using this board. I'm writing Linux
    software to use the card. I can't comment on the capabilities of the
    board, since I've not studied its features vs. those of competing
    products. I can say that the API provided by the drivers is rather complex
    and the documentation reminds me of Linux man pages -- it explains things
    in terms that assume you already understand it all, which makes it
    difficult to pick it up. If you have more specific questions, please feel
    free to e-mail me.

    Rod Smith, rodsmith@rodsbooks.com
    Author of books on Linux, FreeBSD, and networking

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