Dear All,
I want to install Ubuntu 7.04 OS on my PC.
The PC configuration being Gigabayte 8I865-GME-775-RH motherboard with
Seagate Baraccuda 80 GB SATA HDD, LG DVD Writer, 512 MB RAM, floppy
I am having the Ubuntu CD which is got by request from the page:
When i try to install Ubuntu on my PC, the pc boots on the CD, the
setup in GUI runs for some time doing setup tasks but then it says
that there is no hard disk in the system.
It is being detected by the BIOS.
So how to install Ubuntu Linux on a SATA HDD?
The controller for SATA is Intel Control Hub 5 (ICH5).
So from where can i get Linux drivers for the same and how to supply
it to the OS during setup so that HDD can be detected?
I remember that while setting up Windows XP on this SATA HDD , i have
pressed F6 and supplied the drivers using floppy disk to setup.
What is the same process about Linux?

Thanks in advance.