Back in December we wrote (as applied to x86_64 RedHat ES4.4 and the "P5B

> You can't get all the info out of lm_sensors.

Red Hat 5 Server seems to have fixed all the other problems we saw with the
old RHES 4.4 kernel. However, to get all the information out of lm_sensors

1. Install lm_sensors 2.10.2 or 2.10.3. Build from source rpm
available from the Fedora 7 (devel) repositories or from tarball from the
lm_sensors site. The default 2.10.1 shipped with RH and almost all other
distros won't work with the w83627dhg chip on the board. Make sure you have
sysfs working first.

2. Grab a current updated copy of w83627ehf.c and build it as
a kernel module. There are a couple of copies floating around, one at:
(Comment out the "include lm75.h" line in the code before compiling.)
Install it, depmod, the modprobe it. Be sure the lm78 module is rmmod'ed
before installing the new driver.

3. Sensors.conf data for the w83627dhg is wrong for the P5B
Deluxe. The correct offsets and descriptions are in:

The above applies to any board using the w83627dhg chip. If you are running
the 2.6.21 kernel then the correct driver module is already be in the
kernel package and installing the latest lm_sensors should be all you need
to do.

There is no reason why this shouldn't apply to the i386 architecture.

It seems low risk if Red Hat backports the driver in their next kernel
incantation and implements the latest version of lm_sensors in their first
update release.