I am trying to use my usb soundcard in my embadded systems (kernel
2.6.16)! ! I compiled the soundcore (sound sopported module) and
audio.c as modules ,then I loaded them in tandem,the I can play a wave
file perfectly through applycation program in which set some
configure.but discouragingly , no matter how I tried in my application
program,I can not read any data from the dsp node(the function read()
always blocked with no data to read)!! in the other word ,I can't
record any data,
I'm sure my system hardware and my usb soundcard have no problem!!
connected to my pc with windows system my usb soundcard can record and
play music file wonderfully !

my problem is :does the /driver/usb/class/audio.c support
the promble is cased by the wrong setting of the sound card
configure in my application program or the audio.c didn't support
recording at all!!!!