"Jason" wrote:

> I have a semi-managed web server, with about 40 active sites on it. Most
> of them are pretty low-traffic (less than 20 unique visitors a day), but
> one site (mine) has roughly 6,000 unique visitors a day. The load is
> really dragging the server speed down, and I simply don't know what to
> do!

> Server Load 4.88 (1 cpu)
> Memory Used 33.1 %
> Swap Used 15.37 %

> I can't honestly say that I understand this report, though.
> I suspect that my bottleneck is coming from the CPU, which is a 2.4GHz.

The load is an average sum of the processes waiting for CPU and the
processes waiting for disk.

If you by average have 4.88 processes waiting for your single CPU you
would benefit from adding more CPUs or replacing the CPU with a faster
one. However, running an ordinary web server usually isn't very CPU
intensive, so it could be that most of your processes is really waiting
for disk. Mostly adding RAM helps to speed up disk as RAM is used as
cache. However it seems as if you are only using 33% of your current RAM
so adding RAM would probably not help.

It would be interesting to see what processes are waiting for CPU or disk,
the command top shows which processes are doing most work. Does your web
server generate some kind of dynamic pages? If you have a web page with a
menu which consists of button images regenerated by something like a php
script every time the page is served that would probably eat a lot of CPU.

regards Henrik
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