I have four old Compaq systems at the library running Ubuntu 6.06. These
are about 850mhz P3 (as I recall) with I810 integrated video. Recently a
couple of them have started in the middle of a session, switching
resolution from 1152x864 down to 640x480. Xorg.conf is configured with
1152, 1024, 800, 640 res, as well as a couple of intermediate settings. I,
of course, tried + to see if someone had diddled the settings -
that didn't do anything. Also tried logging out - no change. If I do a
to restart X, then it goes back to main setting. I'll
try disabling extra settings just leaving 1152 and see if that helps. BTW
the 640 mode seems to be at 60hz since I see heavy flicker.

I'm wondering if anyone would have a suggestion as to what hardware is
most likely malfunctioning - would you guess power supply or video - or
something else?

thanks in advance.