I'm interested in minimum power consumption CPUs.
It seemed that ARM was the clear choice.
Also it's said that there is an ETH-oberon port for ARM, but so
far I never found it.

Now I read on the BlackBox docos about Analog Device's
Blackfin CPU; and the power consumption specs are good.
I never actually found specs for the ARM.

Apparently Blackfin sells hardware kits for experimenting;
which ARM has plenty of and ARM has much matured
development software too.

Q - how does Blackfin compare with ARM re. power
consumption ?

Q - Since Analog Devices makes DSPs also, do they have a kit
which can accomodate the ucLinux as well as allowing some
DSP experimentation ?

BTW I tried to log-on/subscribe to the mail-list, which seems to
be via the renamed SourceForge, but this Amerikan in-yo-face
commercialism ready puts me off. I don't want to be asked my
personal details and adr. and have to pay connection fees to be
shown their commercial images.

Thanks for any info.

== Chris Glur.