I have a problem connecting an old serial device (a weighing machine) in
RedHat Enterprise Linux 4 ES.
I tested telnet from another computer with the same cable and the
communication is correct when I use de default settings.
It seems I can't use the correct options and commands to configure the
serial port. I tried to use a line on inittab with "m:2345ff:/sbin/agetty
9600 ixon .. ttyS1";
I tried to put the stty line on rc.local.
I think setserial command does not allow all the parameters I need.
I think there is another issue about controlling the flow between the
devices and maybe another one with UART capability of devices.

On SCO Openserver I used to turn around the problem editing the S80lp file
and introduce the following line:
(stty 9600 ixon ixoff -ixany parenb cs7 ; while :; do sleep 3600 ; done)

Can please someone help me in this case?