I'm looking to get a Core 2 Duo system, and I'm trying to find out what
support there is for the various on board video/sound options in the
motherboards. The problem is I'm not even sure if I'm searching for the
right things.

I'm looking at e.g. MSI P965 Platinum -
(on board audio, no video) or Intel DP965LT -
(on board audio & vdeo).

I've been googling to try to find out the linux support for these
motherboards, but nothing conclusive so far. What should I be googling
for? Both have Intel P965 chipset, or should I search for the audio
codec (Realtek 883 vs SigmaTel STAC9227) - or is there something else?

Can anyone suggest a motherboard (or motherboard, video card & sound
card combo etc.) - I'm after
- Core 2 Duo support
- 5.1 (or better) sound, including SPDIF out
- video that's good enough for watching DVDs etc - not interested in
- Firewire

I'd rather have ATX and plenty of expansion room than a Micro ATX or

Many thanks