John-Paul Stewart wrote:

> [Note: Follow-ups set to comp.os.linux.hardware since my comments are
> specific to Linux.]
> James Harris wrote:
>> Can anyone tell me how to check for mainboard Linux support? I cannot
>> find the two motherboards below (which have eight or more SATA-II
>> connectors) on any hardware compatibility lists. Any pointers would be
>> appreciated.

> The brand/model of motherboard doesn't matter. What counts is the
> chipset on the board.
> One of the most comprehensive sites for info on SATA support under Linux
> is Unfortunately, the
> chipsets on the boards you mention are all very new, and consequently
> not yet on the list. There's a chance they'll work with drivers for
> older, similar chipsets.

Case in point. I have an old win98 install that thinks it is running on an
old thunderbird but is actually on a GA-M55Plus-S3G (nForce4).

> There's a chance the manufacturer has changed
> things enough that a completely new driver will be needed. You either
> have to try and see for yourself or wait for information to be posted.
> In many cases, searching Google/Google Groups is the only way to get
> information about very new chipsets. Doing so suggests that the Intel
> ICH8R you mentioned isn't supported yet, but the JMicron is supported in
> the very newest Linux kernels. No word on the nForce 590
> In short, it looks like the information you're seeking just doesn't
> exist at the moment.

The bottom line seem to me, it will run but maybe not all the features will
be present. BTW both AMD and Intel support Linux, to a lesser extent
nVidia and ALi, and ATI is now part of AMD.

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