Joshua Baker-LePain wrote:

>On 2006-11-13, Felix Engel wrote:
>>in order to connect an external RAID system via SCSI to our file server
>>we are looking for a suitable HBA. Up to now we have tried an Intel
>>SCRU42E and an Adaptec 29320, but both of them do not support 16 bytes
>>SCSI CDBs. Therefore they do not support LBA64 addressing, which limits
>>the volume size to 2TiB at 512 bytes/sector. Since our volumes are
>>larger, this is not an option for us.
>>We are therefore looking for recommendations of SCSI host controllers
>>with the following features:
>>- U320 transfer rate
>>- Driver support for CDB16
>>- Mature driver
>>- If possible dual channel
>>- If possible PCI-Express
>>Any hints will be greatly appreciated.

>Have a look at the LSI22320. It's PCI-X, but it's dual channel and the
>drivers are rather mature. And on the info page they have a blurb saying
>that they support >2TiB volumes. You may want to confirm that with their
>tech support, but it looks promising.

Just to confirm what Joshua has recommended, we have two LSI 22320's and
they work very well with our > 2TB RAID DAS systems.