hi all,

unfortunately i pulled my processor out which was "quick-fix-ed" onto
my ASUS & i broke its "pins" & also the lock at processor-socket of
motherboard, :-( unintentionally . now going to purchase a new
processor & motherboard to make it a Linux Box. i have following in

1.) Celeron D 2.8 GHz
2.) Intel 101 original motherboard ("original" means "not a chipset")

the one i broke unintentionally was AMD 64 Athlon onto ASUS K8V-MX &
Linux does not have "Xv" driver for it so i had a lot of trouble
playing any videos. now i want to know the issues with the one i am
going to purchase. any views, comments or suggestions?

may be i will put HURD, L4Ka::Pistachio or NetBSD onto it. my
experience says if it runs on Linux then it runs on every other OS.
BTW, i have 1 GB RAM to put on too :-). i have P4 & AMD Sempron
available too but i wanted a "cheap x86 machine" & P4 is 2 times of the
Celeron price. i searched the archives but did not find anything useful
to my situation.

thanks in advance

-- arnuld