The IRiver Clix uses something called "Media Transfer Protocol" which
currently doesn't work on Linux, you may be able to see the device re
USB but because it doesn't support UMS it won't work, the best hope
seems to be something called LibMTP which doesn't work but may one day.
LibMTP is the linux version of the "Media Transfer Protocol" as of
11/2006 it doesn't work for the Clix.
Scarletdown wrote:
> Can anyone here give some advice on how to get the 2GB iRiver Clix
> working as a UMS device? I've been having a helluva time getting this to
> work. When I connect the iRiver to my computer, lsusb shows that it is
> there (Bus 001 Device 014: ID 4102:112a iRiver, Ltd.), but there is no
> SD* device for it in /dev, when it should be seen as /dev/sdf.
> There are four devices though, that apparently are related to this:
> usbdev1.14_ep00
> usbdev1.14_ep02
> usbdev1.14_ep81
> usbdev1.14_ep83
> but I am unable to figure out what to do with these. As far as I can
> tell, this iRiver does indeed have UMS firmware, since ifpgui, upon
> start up says it is ignoring the device with UMS firmware.
> So, can anyone here who has managed to get this working with Linux (in
> particular, Debian sid with kernel 2.6.18-1-k7) please please please
> reveal what the "secret" incantation is to get this recognized
> as /dev/sdf? (And MAKEDEV /dev/sdf doesn't do it either, BTW.)
> --
> Scarletdown
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