David J Bush wrote:
> Greetings. I have a USB Best Data "Smart One" 56K external phone modem.

> Any information about what Linux driver would work for me, and what
> steps need to be taken during installation (for example what modules
> need to be loaded,) would be greatly appreciated!

If the modem follows the standards for USB modems, there's a chance
it'll work the cdc-acm module. Load the driver with 'modprobe cdc-acm'
(as root) and check the output of 'dmesg | tail' for any information
about the modem. If your modem's chipset is supported by the driver,
it'll say so.

In the absence of definitive information, trial and error may be your
only option. (Note that you can boot a Knoppix Live CD, for example, if
you want to try this before you commit to installing Linux.)