I've got Ubuntu running on a Sun Fire V20Z with two internal hard drives. These hard drives are RAIDed using the LSI Logic adapter.

When I boot the system, it says "Drive 0 on adapter 0 is predicting a future failure." It waits for keystroke confirmation to proceed with the boot up sequence.

I pressed Ctrl-C to open the LSI Logic configuration menu. I would like to identify the failing hard drive, synchronize the array to the other disc, take the bad disk out of the RAID, remove it, replace it, and add the new hard drive to the array. However, the configuration tool is not giving me any way of doing this. Most of the configurable options, such as "include disk in array" are greyed out and cannot be changed.

The second drive in the array seems to be in a perpetual "out of sync" and "synchronizing with array" state.

Anybody know why this is and what I need to do to be able to swap the bad drive? Am I even in the right menu?