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> Lenovo's S10 Netbook Listed - Starts at just US$429

Based upon Lenovo's last attempt at a pre-loaded Linux system, I would
advise all to avoid this potential piker.....

"After the initial boot and logon, we were faced with a clean,
well-organized desktop, but one element caught our eye right away¡Xa text
document called ThinkPad Readme.txt. We launched it and found that the
document¡¦s first line was ¡§Limitations, Workarounds and How To¡¦s for
SLED10.¡¨ We did not like the sound of that ¡§limitations¡¨ element. After
all, isn¡¦t Linux supposed to be about overcoming limitations?

The first part of the document covered ¡§features not supported.¡¨ Some of
those features are:

* ThinkVantage Active Protection System.
* ThinkVantage Access Connections for SUSE Linux
* ThinkPad Configuration for SUSE Linux
* ThinkPad Power Manager for SUSE Linux
* Wireless WAN Adapter
* ThinkVantage Button
* (Intel Graphics System) DVI Output

From our point of view, Lenovo was not off to a good start. "

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