Op zondag 27 juli 2008 schreef Johannes Beekhuizen aan All:

JB> Due to lack of USB connectors, I'm thinking about buying
JB> an USB hub.

Thanks for the advise I got from many people.
I got myself a Trust HU-5870V 7-ports powered hub.
An extra card was not really an option as I have no spare
PCI slots on my motherboard.
Also, the advantage of an external hub is that I don't have
to fold myself into almost impossible positions to connect
or disconnect a device.
It became a Trust because that was the only one that the
shop had on the shelf
When I put in my camera and a USB stick it works without
power. But I think it is nice that it can use its own
power supply in case I put in something like a hard disk
And I got 7 ports because that's only a little bit more
expensive than 4 ports. I don't need them all right now,
but who knows what lies in the future. Not so long ago
I thought that 2 ports in total would be enough, now
the 4 I had are full...



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