Arno Wagner wrote:
> >> This is not an intended "warm up". The clicking is typically
> >> relays adjusting settings to the horizontal/vertical
> >> frequency given in the signal from the graphics card.

> > OK, on a good VDU I notice the power/screen-save mode
> > time-out & re-activate toggles this. So I could just hack the
> > VDU's circuit to have it permanently 'on'.

> That could work, if there there is no frequency
> adjustment involved, or you fix it to the right setting
> there as well.

I opened the VDU to clean it, and couldn't see the relay
clicking. When it's 'lost charge' I might try to just 'on-lock'
the relay if that's possible.

> So your PC PSU has an issue as well?
> >> This is not a start
> >> issue of the VDU-PSU. It is a stability problem. The other
> >> characteristic of aged capacitors is that the problem
> >> gets worse when they are not used.

Since the symptom could be produced by an on-toggle
switch that mostly doesn't connect, I followed the pair
to the MOBO and shorted there. It started !!
Of course this doesn't prove the the switch was dry-joint
-like; as well as actual measurements would have.
But I'm using it again now.


and yes to the poster who suggested the mains could be low;
that was one of my first suspicions.

== Chris Glur.