The total power on time for the computer where this RAM is installed
is less than 200 hours.

On May 29, one of a pair of PNY's Verto DDR2 RAM sticks died. The RMA
required that both sticks be returned, which I complied with. Thus,
the computer was not operable for almost a month.

Fi nally, on June 23rd I received the replacement RAM but this pair
exhibited the exact same problem as the pair I returned. Which is
that when only one stick is installed, the good one will allow the
computer to boot, but the bad one makes the speaker beep continuously
and fails to boot. This happens no matter which of the 4 slots the
particular stick is in.

It is now Jul;y 2 and PNY so far has continued to refuse to RMA this
replacement RAM even though it comes with a "lifetime" warranty.

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