My desktop (and its contents) took a tumble a few days ago. Initially,
the only casualty was the case for my USR Sportster 33.6. Then, after I
the leg got reattached and braced and I reassembled everything, it seems
the right shift on the Model M is a bit sticky, and the front speakers
were silent. (The rears and the "subwoofer" worked.) The modem works
(FSVO), the shift key got better after some TLC, but the speakers'
silence bugs me.

I fiddled with the connections and worked out that the front speakers
work, but the front output is quiet. Right now the front speakers are
hooked up to the rear outputs. Sounds normal but the mixer is weird.
The card didn't move in the fall, so it's odd that it'd be damaged.
It could be the cables got pulled and that damaged the sockets, but
there's plenty of slack in the cable. It's a Soundblaster Live! card
with Logitech 4.1 speakers. What could be the problem with the card?
If it's dead, what card should I get that supports wavetable and the
mixing of multiple audio streams, both in hardware?

-eben QebWenE01R@vTerYizUonI.nOetP

Q: What kind of modem did Jimi Hendrix use?
A: A purple Hayes.