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Mark Hobley wrote:
> I was with a colleage today, and I installed Debian on a Pentium 4
> based system with an onboard Intel Graphics Chip (I'm not sure of the
> exact model, but I will find out next week.) Anyhow, I was absolutely
> amazed. I ran glxinfo and the the hardware 3d graphics rendering
> reported as working. I was playing Billard-GL, Supertuxkart, and
> bzflag using just the Debian provided software. I had not installed
> any proprietary drivers. I was very impressed. I've been using old
> ATI Radeon 9200s here, but now I can definitely recommend Intel as a
> way forward, if a 3d capable computer is required.

I'm really proud and grateful of Intel's open source contributions to
the Xorg Intel driver and find it to be a stable and reliable driver.
Performance is the only area that needs more real improvement with the
current DRI architecture IMO. DRI2 will however present new challenges
in the future to keep those coders busy.

Just so you know, Xorg 7.3 and above by default enable compositing
(desktop acceleration if you like), with no configuration required on
the users part (you have to deliberately turn it off if you prefer
that). Xorg 7.3 will ship with the new stable release of Debian in
September, and it will be called 'Lenny', keep an eye out, great things
are to come

Sheridan Hutchinson

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