In assembling my wife's machine two years ago, I used the DSL adapter
the phone company supplied rather than purchasing one, and it proved to
be a real pain to set up. I'd like to know if there is any reason I
should not just purchase an ordinary one to replace it.

It's called 2Wire Gateway. When I set it up, it had to be given my
ethernet hardware mac address (called the computer machine
name). Technical support always wants to know the key code of the unitl
and I suspect I'm being identified more than I know or would like. I
discover that /etc/resolv.conf has this for content:


This looks like I'm being forced to access DNS only through the 2Wire
company. If so, I'm a bit paranoid about it. Can anyone explain what is
going on?

I could use some advice on a replacement for it. I'd like to use a modem
with a wireless router because I'll be getting a wireless laptop. Am I
correct to assume that a modem that has a wireless router also works ok
as a plain wired modem?

Anyone willing recommend a brand/model or to that is readily compatible
with linux/debian and is reliable?


Haines Brown, KB1GRM