I have already posted on this subject, but got no answer. Sorry but I
realized that I would have no response to that post, so I decided to
try again. If this is not the right group to post such question,
please let me know.

All I would like to know is if is there any way of supporting my
Memory Stick card reader. It is not an USB device. If it was, I would
have no problem, but it is not. I have read about the mmc and related
modules, but these seem not to work with Memory Sticks, I do not have
any MMC card to test if it would work with this, but I guess it would.
Memory Sticks, however, are not recognized by the module.

Any help or advice will be welcome, or should I suppose that nobody
knows nothing about it in this group?

Elias Salomão Helou Neto.