the last discussion for p35 seems to have been in july so i'd ask:
how well do these boards work? i wanted to get an 975X board, but
it looks like fsb1333 is not supported so i wonder what's the best
course of action:
1. get a 955x with something cheap like 805 or even celeron D
and throw the board away when inexpensive x38 boards come out
and later on dump the cpu as well
2. get the cheapest g33 i can find stick e6750 in it and throw away
the mobo when x38 choices get plentiful and reuse the cpu
3. don't get anything and wait for the first x38 boards

4. find an amd mobo/cpu that supports unbuffered 677 1gb
ecc kingston dimms on their way from newegg :-)

i'm unfamiliar with the amd options and whether ecc support
is provided by the cpu itself or the mobo. i'm leaning towards the
el cheapo 955x/D805 way unless there is a better/cooler running/
cheaper AMD alternative.

all the components but the mobo/cpu/cooler are on their way
and i'd rather not go the route 3 just to find out some bits
don't work when i finally get an x38 board.