I have an IBM ThinkPad R40 running Slackware 11.0.0 and kernel The built-in wired interface is knackered, so I had been
using a D-Link DMF-560TXD 10/100Mb LAN card when I needed it, but that
was on an earlier kernel, possibly 2.6.16 or 18.

Now when I insert it, lights on the card seem to flicker as normal, and
the link light comes on when the cable is plugged in. However, eth1 is
not established (eth0 being the built-in wireless), and dmesg reports:

pccard: PCMCIA card inserted into slot 0
cs: memory probe 0xe8000000-0xefffffff: excluding 0xe8000000-0xefffffff
cs: memory probe 0xc0200000-0xcfffffff: excluding 0xc0200000-0xc11fffff
0xc1a00000-0xc21fffff 0xc2a00000-0xc31fffff 0xc3a00000-0xc81fffff
0xc8a00000-0xc91fffff 0xc9a00000-0xca1fffff 0xcaa00000-0xcb1fffff
0xcba00000-0xcc1fffff 0xcca00000-0xcd1fffff 0xcda00000-0xce1fffff
0xcea00000-0xcf1fffff 0xcfa00000-0xd01fffff
pcmcia: registering new device pcmcia0.0
eth%d: pcnet_reset_8390() did not complete.
pcnet_cs: unable to read hardware net address for io base 0x4300
eth%d: pcnet_reset_8390() did not complete.
pcnet_cs: unable to read hardware net address for io base 0x4300

lspcmcia -vv shows:

Socket 0 Bridge: [yenta_cardbus] (bus ID: 0000:02:00.0)
Configuration: state: on ready: yes
Voltage: 5.0V Vcc: 5.0V Vpp: 0.0V
Available IRQs: 3, 5, 10
Available ioports: 0x00000100 - 0x000003af
0x000003e0 - 0x000004cf
0x000004d8 - 0x000004ff
0x00000800 - 0x0000080f
0x00000820 - 0x000008ff
0x00000a00 - 0x00000aff
0x00000c00 - 0x00000cff
0x00004000 - 0x00008fff
Available iomem: 0x000c0000 - 0x000fffff
0xc1200000 - 0xc19fffff
0xc2200000 - 0xc29fffff
0xc3200000 - 0xc39fffff
0xc8200000 - 0xc89fffff
0xc9200000 - 0xc99fffff
0xca200000 - 0xca9fffff
0xcb200000 - 0xcb9fffff
0xcc200000 - 0xcc9fffff
0xcd200000 - 0xcd9fffff
0xce200000 - 0xce9fffff
0xcf200000 - 0xcf9fffff
Socket 0 Device 0: [-- no driver --] (bus ID: 0.0)
Configuration: state: on
Product Name: D-Link DMF-560TXD DirectPort PC Card
Identification: manf_id: 0x0143 card_id: 0xc0ab
function: 0 (multifunction)
prod_id(1): "D-Link" (0x1a424a1c)
prod_id(2): "DMF-560TXD DirectPort PC Card" (0x9614b47c)
prod_id(3): --- (---)
prod_id(4): --- (---)

Various later kernels didn't improve the situation - e.g. recently tried with no joy.

So what's going on? Is there something I can do with my PCMCIA-related
/etc files?



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