Command and Conquer Coming to PSP

Command and Conquer is one of the biggest and most loved game franchises in
history and now it looks as though it will be coming to the PSP in 2005.

The Westwood Studios series practically started the real time strategy genre
(although technically their Dune 2 game predated C&C).

During an interview on CNN, the President of Electronic Arts, who now own
Westwood, revealed that two Command & Conquer games will arrive on the PSP
"within this year". The PSP games will be based on C&C and C&C Red Alert,
but as those are both pretty long in the tooth expect significant

The famous RTS will be making its way onto Sony's handheld later this

Westwood Studios, famed developer of the Command & Conquer series,
recently commented to CNN on the launch of Sony's PSP video game handheld.
During the brief interview, the President of Electronic Arts, who now own
Westwood Studios, revealed that a Command & Conquer game will appear on the

"I'm prepared to make the necessary move. I've always wanted to play
incredibly large scale games on the go, on flights, and even on road trips.
I'm pretty sure the fans will be excited to hear that Command & Conquer, and
Command & Conquer Red Alert will be making appearances on the PSP. We don't
have a slated release date, but the games will have to be totally revamped
for PSP's UMD architecture. Nonetheless, expect the Command & Conquer
franchise to make its move on the PSP within this year."

"The games will be totally revamped for PSP's UMD architecture"

Since its PC debut back in 1995, the Command & Conquer franchise
remains one of the best selling and most popular real-time strategy game
series ever to be released. This news will no doubt put a smile on the faces
of many PSP owners, and could very well end up as a huge selling point for
the system.