I'll probably keep my Treo600 for backup when(if) I get the 650, so I'm
wondering if I can get a replacement body/shell for it. It's scratched to
hell, and plus I always hated being forced to take it in silver because I
wanted the GSM version. It would be GREAT if I could replace it for cheap
and get the dark gray Sprint version. Anybody know where or if that can
be done? I know I asked Handspring itself originally if they would sell
me one or let me pay extra to get the GSM in the good case, but they
refused I've heard it's easy to replace it in ref. to ebaying
used/broken phones and getting it like that (I want a new one though).
I'm hoping that's true. Oh, key importance - will the new case replace
the keyboard buttons too, as they are also scratched deeply.
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