Does anyone know how to use the Motorola i710 as a fax modem?
I bought the USB datacable for it and I installed the the device driver
for the set for windows 2000 from
I set the dialtone to " no dialtone " when dialing.

Still I could not send a fax. I kept recieving a message on Windows
saying " no dialtone " , eventhough it is set to OFF.

I called Nextell at different times, I got different conflicting
answers: 1. You cannot use this phone to fax
2. You can use the phone as a fax modem , you have to go to
motorola webpage and download the device driver.
3. You have to register for an extra-service that cost
54 dollars a month. This service is to dialup to the
internet , not to fax.

So if there is anyone outthere who was able to send a fax through this
i710 cellphone , please let us know how ...
Thanks ..