My Symbol PDA came with a Serial Port only and I am having to use
IOGear's GUC232A Serial to USB adapter to connect it to my XP laptop.
But I need to install drivers for the adapter and I am running into a

The problem occurs in step 3 in the following URL :

2. Open Device Manager (Start-Settings-Control Panels-System; Hardware
Tab; Device Manger button)

3. Select the USB PDA Adapter, it will appear as either; Unknown
Device, Composite Device or USB Device. It will appear either under
Ports (Com & LPT) or Other Devices.

But there is no entry for Other Devices in the said dialog.
And under Ports (Com & LPT), there are only two entries.
1) ATEN USB to Serial Bridge (COM4)
2) ECP Printer Port (LPT1)

How should I install the USB to Serial adapter's drivers?
Please advise. TIA.