I use a older iPAQ Pocket PC with a PC Card expansion pack and the
older Aironet AIR-PCM352 PC Card for 802.11b site surveys.

I don't see Pocket PC drivers for the newer Cisco AIR-CB21AG PC Card to
do a 802.11g site survey. Am I missing this or does Cisco no longer
plan to support Pocket PCs with 802.11g?

New Shopping List for 802.11g survey kit
FA120A $149.00 iPAQ Expansion Pack (PCMCIA)
FA107A $449.99 iPAQ H5550 Pocket PC
FA185A $116.99 iPAQ Digital Camera Add-on (Photosmart Mobile Camera)
FA238B $129.00 Rugged Case for shipping
FA128A $99.00 Extended 1840mAh Battery
AIR-CB21AG $129.00 Cisco PC Card a/b/g (NO IPAQ DRIVERS?)

Is the below accurate information about the iPaq? It doesn't sound

fieglmueller - SYSTEMS ENGINEER,

Jan 24, 2005, 7:27am PST
As far as i know, this hasnt to do anything with the driver. the BUS of
the Expansion Pack cant handle 54mBit. It is a 16bit bus i think. so i
dont think you can use any 802.11g card in an ipaq