SmartProtec is a free theft prevention and recovery service. It
prevents theft of your item and helps recover it quickly in case of
theft or loss.

SmartProtec provides four layers of protection for your item including
theft prevention, contact owner through serial number, reinforced
legal protection and recovery service.

First of all, SmartProtec prevents theft of your item before it
happens. SmartProtec lets police and consumers instantly see if your
item is stolen or not (on the manufacturer* and Inspice web site). It
makes it difficult and dangerous for thieves to possess or resell your
item because anyone can instantly see that it is stolen. As a result,
thieves avoid from stealing your item.

The police also confirmed that this kind of method (making items
identifiable) is effective in theft prevention and recommend it.

SmartProtec allows anyone to contact you immediately through the
serial number of your item without disclosing your personal
information in case of theft or loss.

SmartProtec reinforces the legal protection of your items. As a
result, your stolen or lost item may not legally be possessed, sold or
disposed of by others without contacting you and obtaining your

SmartProtec also comes with a professional recovery service that helps
the return of your stolen or lost item quickly and safely. It also
provides a reward to the one who helps recover your stolen or lost
your item. After your missing item is located, your item is also
delivered to you upon request.

SmartProtec maintains a list of your items with serial numbers in our
secure database for you, in accordance with the police recommendation.
The police recommend that you should keep a list of your valuables
with serial numbers to help recovery of your item and police
investigation in case of theft. Furthermore, you can keep track of all
your items with ease on the Internet.

SmartProtec protects your identity and does not ask to you to provide
us your personally identifying information. The serial number of your
item identifies only your item without identifying you the person. For
example, SmartProtec allows the police or the finder to contact you if
it is stolen or lost but does not allow them to trace any information
about you.

SmartProtec is one of the most widely used mobile device anti-theft
security systems and currently equipped on various brand name portable
electronics such as laptops, handhelds, tablet PCs and mp3 players.

To activate SmartProtec free, visit:

Please substitute 000 with the actual serial number of your item.

Note that SmartProtec also works with RFID (Radio Frequency
Identification). an RFID code can also be used instead of a serial

* If the manufacturer of your item does not offer SmartProtec Plus for
your item, some limitation may apply. For example, stolen item
checking is not available on the manufacturer's web site. But it is
still available on Inspice web site.


Inspice SmartProtec: