I don't know if this is the correct group to ask that question.
If not, please let me know where I can ask.

I have managed to have network access on my HP 360LX (Windows
CE 2.0) palmtop by installing WinCE2.0 SP1 and the Network
Service Pack as offered by HPCFactor.

I can access the Internet now using IE and an Accton EN2216
PCMCIA Ethernet card.

Well, now I wanted to configure ICQ on the palmtop. I
downloaded the Windows CE ICQ client which is available on
www.icq.com and installed it, entered my ICQ number and
password, and then ICQ wanted to register my info with the ICQ

"Registering User" then, after a while
"Registering User, Trying Configuration #1"
"Registering User, Trying Configuration #2"
and so on (until #4 or 5).
Then it aborts and says "Can't establish connection".

I have a DSL router with NAT for internet access, but have
configured it to direct ports 24500-24505 to the device on
which ICQ runs (in order to make ICQ work in the NAT). On a
laptop this works perfectly.

So does anyone know why this doesn't work on the palmtop?

I also tried it with changing the server name
"icq.mirabilis.com" to "icq2.mirabilis.com" as suggested on an
ICQ discussion board.

Thanks a lot!