Seems if anyone doing this any more is charging a bunch to restore Windows
CE on older iPaqs. I thought I'd offer a service for about $30, shipping
included, that you can do yourself without having to send in your iPaq.

You paypal me $60, I send you the Compact Flash card to restore your Ipaq,
then you send the card back. Of course, you should back up your iPaq to your
own CF card in case this happens again. I will walk you through it over the
phone if nescessary, but it's extremely simple. I send you $30 back on
return of the card. I pay shipping to send it to you, you pay shipping back.
$3.85 for Priority mail, delivery
confirmation. Your cost is $33.85.

Let me know if you tried to put Linux or an alternate OS on and you need the
version with the bootloader.

Ebay references available, see website below.

Right now, only doing the 36xx series.

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