Blackberry 6170 - what are the pop, smtp server settings for Outlook?

Had to reload XP and Outlook Express. Lost all settings. I can get to
my Roadrunner email via Outlook Express but I forget the Pop3 and smtp
server settings for my blackberry. A call to their support desk was
I tried and so on..........

****Anyone have a clue as to the correct pop/smtp servers to use? I
also looked at the ATT website which was fruitless. I was bad to not
write it down but you would think ATT/Cingular would know the answer.

******Also Blackberry (after XP reinstall and Blackberry Manager
reinstall) is not showing it is connected. How do I ensure that it is?
Did I install incorrectly? It is going though Com port. Ran their
config utility and it found it the first time but on a reboot it did

Thanks so much